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Tales from Derian

Here are eight well-known folktales from Derian, the setting of Kulebra. In Derian, festivals and holidays are times for stories, times to pass the mythology of their world and origins on to their children. Alongside three Anansi retellings are five new short stories where readers discover Derian’s mythology of the history of the world, the balance between good and evil, and the origins of Chuioke’s powers. Settle in, enjoy, and gain a bit more insight into the world of Kulebra.

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Immersive Multicultural Fantasy and Poetry

Find yourself in a magical world filled with excitement, mystery, beauty, and ultimate goodness. If you enjoy simple, vivid descriptions, detailed world building, and quirky characters with depth, or if you’re looking for purposeful inspiration for both faith and fairy tales, you’ve come to the right place!

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Latest work

Lia Benarvela was born with a different name, similar but different—Asil Liani Hara Elisya. The two names signify her two roles as slave and savior, though she’s often had difficulty reconciling being both at the same time. When an unexpected move from the emperor forces her back into the palace that makes up the setting of her nightmares, Lia knows that plans have changed.

But when she rushes ahead in a desperate effort to fulfill her destiny, she ends up becoming a trophy of the empire rather than a rescuer. Now, with freedom hanging in the balance, she has to learn how to use her voice to keep her promise before her worst fear comes to life.

Liani is the second in the “Tales from Cassidy” series of interconnected stand-alone novels. They can be read in any order.

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