My Poetry: How I Started Writing

I’ve always loved to write, and I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. Some of the first things I ever wrote were poems.
When I first learned about the art form, I fell in love with it and began writing poems myself, never intending them to be read by anyone but me and maybe my family. But my mother has insisted that I publish my poetry for as long as I’ve been writing it.
I resisted every time. I steadily rebuked the idea of publishing, but working on my first book has inspired me to revisit it.
I’ll admit that releasing my poetry is a hard decision. I’m not brave, my poetry has always been personal, and I don’t pretend to be a poet by any stretch of the imagination. However, in a step toward courage, I figure this is a good opportunity to be an obedient daughter.
So every once in a while, I’ll post some of my poetry here. These were written throughout my childhood, from wide-eyed child to angsty college student, most of them about my faith and relationship with God. I hope you enjoy them!

My Friends
written in 1998

My friends are the quiet rushing
of the wind, my friends are the
beautiful music of the birds, my
friends are the great warmth
of the sun, my friends are the nice
look of the clouds, my friends
are the light of the moon, my
friends are the wonderful twinkling
stars, my friends are the things
you cannot see, my friends are
the wonderful, beautiful , things that
God made

written in 2002

Faith is a virtue, despite what it seems
It’s following your heart, pursuing your dreams
Faith is forgiving the things of your past
It’s falling down slowly and getting up fast
Faith is trusting in God, though him you may not see
It’s holding steadfast to what you believe to be
Faith is a rock in the hard times; Faith is a light in the storm
It’s like being cold and hungry, and then suddenly you’re warm
Faith is like a beacon, a gleaming ray of hope
Once you obtain it you have the power to cope
Faith won’t always part the water; it might not send a fish your way
It won’t always perform the spectacular whenever you’re to pray
But faith is always a miracle, whether big or small
It is always ready to help you, its listening for your call
Faith is a gift sent from up above
Instructed to help guide you and remind you of God’s love

written in 2007

I am sinking far below
the level that I wished.
Far beyond survival’s chance,
lower than where no one fished.
Gather all the broken strength
so desperately I try,
though I cannot hear my own words,
I open up and cry:
“Waves above my head do rush,
but I have not drowned.
Though the waters lead the tempest,
stormy, angry, ‘round and ‘round.
Break the chains and loose the shackles,
lift the weighted heavy coat,
fly above the raging waters,
lift me up, God help me float.”

written in 2011

This is me.
Bitter, shredded, poison-ridden soul.
A blind and messy being,
One empty, shapeless void.
This is me.
And was mine.
Lonely, icy, heartache;
Silly, foolish, aimless desires.
Hopeless, hopeless, hopeless
This is me.
This is mine.
This was mine.

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