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The Interactive Guide to Writing Effective Paragraphs

A while ago I discovered that there was such a thing as “visual novels”. For anyone who doesn’t know what they are, they find their roots in Japan and are like virtual storybooks or choose-your-own story books in digital form. The format incorporates pictures, music, semi-moveable characters and choices that the reader/player can make for the main character.

Many visual novels easily fall into the romance genre, and the games can vary in target audience, maturity level, and quality. I prefer visual novels that deal more with science fiction and fantasy than romance, and I’ve found that the stories– at least the ones I’ve played and enjoyed– really draw the reader/player in.

Visual novels make it easy to identify with the main character’s dilemmas and choices because you’re making them, and that makes even the simplest story seem more engaging.

It’s a really fun and interesting method of story telling that I think I’ll try to use for some of my shorter stories in the future.

With that in mind, I made a visual novel with the intent of learning how to use the program Ren’Py— an open source visual novel engine– and I thought I’d share it here. It’s more of a tutoring session than a story, but you do get to interact with the tutor. The topic is effective paragraphs and how to write them. I hope you find it fun and useful.

So if you find yourself bored or looking for something to do, try browsing the internet or your app store for an interesting visual novel or two. You might find that you enjoy them. And if you’d like to, you can try the Interactive Guide to Writing Effective Paragraphs using the link below. Until next week!

The Interactive Guide to Writing Effective Paragraphs

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