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The cover of the novel Kulebra by Wendelyn Vega. The image depicts a young Black woman standing among leaves and vines filled with snakes.

If you ask my father who I am, he’ll tell you I’m nobility, daughter of a warrior and stepdaughter of a queen. And if you grabbed someone off the street, you’d probably hear that I was something that might just steal your children from their beds at night, but you didn’t hear it from them. But if you ask me, I’d say the term “misfit” is more appropriate.

Kulebra Uhero — or “Kula”, as she insists everyone call her — doesn’t want to be a diplomat. She’s Ahktali’s least qualified princess, and she’s content to trade her royal duties of attending palace guests for overseeing royal animals instead. But after tragedy strikes, she’s left as her little sister and new queen’s only resort to quell the fears of an empire. When her mission of goodwill doesn’t go according to plan, Kula is left with several enemies and the threat of a province’s rebellion looming on the horizon. As she truly discovers her nation for the first time, she is forced to confront not only Derian’s shrewdest politicians but herself as well.



My earliest memory isn’t one of fire and falling, of pain and fear and sorrow too great for a child. That’s what people believe it is. That’s what I tell them it is when Aba has me speak to small, trusted bands of slaves to encourage them. But that’s a lie. It’s one of my memories—a strong one that weaves itself into my nightmares, forcing me awake drenched in sweat and tears. But when I soothe myself back to sleep, I remember my earliest memory is actually of sitting on my ima’s lap, dangling a flower in front of my baby brother’s face while she sings us a lullaby.

Lia Benarvela was born with a different name, similar but different—Asil Liani Hara Elisya. The two names signify her two roles as slave and savior, though she’s often had difficulty reconciling being both at the same time. When an unexpected move from the emperor forces her back into the palace that makes up the setting of her nightmares, Lia knows that plans have changed.

But when she rushes ahead in a desperate effort to fulfill her destiny, she ends up becoming a trophy of the empire rather than a rescuer. Now, with freedom hanging in the balance, she has to learn how to use her voice to keep her promise before her worst fear comes to life.



My Head Bowed

My Head Bowed: A Chapbook on Depression, Anxiety, and Faith is a collection of poetry that captures the raw emotions behind the intricate relationship between faith, depression, and anxiety.

Written with vulnerability and honesty, this chapbook is a reflection on the challenges that come with navigating mental health struggles while holding on to your faith. This book is not just for those who are struggling but for anyone who has ever faced the challenges of life and wondered where to turn for hope. It’s a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is always a glimmer of light and a promise of something better.

My Head Bowed offers a glimpse into the mind of someone who has experienced the depths of depression and anxiety and found solace and hope in their faith. Whether you are struggling with mental health issues yourself, or you simply seek to understand and support those who are, My Head Bowed offers a powerful message of empathy, compassion, and resilience.




My Eyes Closed

My Eyes Closed: A Chapbook on Identity, Grief, and Hope is a collection of poetry that explores the themes of identity, grief, and hope with honesty and grace. Each poem in this chapbook is a meditation on the human condition and the ways in which we navigate the joys and sorrows that come our way, offering a glimpse into  the ways we seek to make sense of our experiences.

This chapbook is a testament to the power of poetry to convey deep emotions and experiences in a way that touches the soul. Each poem is a reflection on the universal themes of identity, loss, and hope and an exploration of what it means to be human in a world full of contradictions and challenges.




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Tales from Derian

Here are eight well-known folktales from Derian, the setting of Kulebra. In Derian, festivals and holidays are times for stories, times to pass the mythology of their world and origins on to their children. Alongside three Anansi retellings are five new short stories where readers discover Derian’s mythology of the history of the world, the balance between good and evil, and the origins of Chuioke’s powers. Settle in, enjoy, and gain a bit more insight into the world of Kulebra.

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The Enchanted Garden

There’s history beyond the hedges…

When Banu Sessa runs away from her abusive employer in the heat of summer and gets lost in the forest, she fully expects to not live through the night. But instead of being left to the mercy of wild animals and strange forces in a dangerous forest, she stumbles across a manicured garden where an unseen host provides her with food and shelter.

Banu makes this place her haven, stealing away whenever she can–her own secret enchanted garden. But the garden has secrets of its own, and Banu is often certain someone is watching her. When she digs below the idyllic surface, what will she find?

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Chuioke is tired, fcoatli, short story, coverar from home, and pursued by shadowy figures who stay just out of sight. He knows that it’s dangerous when he stops for a break, but he’s unprepared for how much danger he’ll face when he lands himself in the lair of the world’s largest snake.

Tales from Derian is a series of short stories inspired by various African folktales. This tale is the first of three episodes inspired by the origin story of Anansi, the hero of many West African stories.

This story is included in Tales from Derian.

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Agamir rarely finds himself in need of help. When he gets himself into trouble, he’s perfectly capable of getting himself out. But when he finds himself trapped in the territory of enemies, he has to rely on someone who may be more trouble than he’s worth.

Tales from Derian is a series of short stories inspired by various African folktales. This tale is the second of three episodes inspired by the origin story of Anansi, the hero of many West African stories.

This story is included in Tales from Derian.

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Bai Min

Chuioke is facing his final opponent, an enemy that’s unified and might even be a few steps ahead of him. This enemy is angry and approaching even faster than Chuioke may be able to handle. But what will he do when his foe isn’t quite what he expected?

Tales from Derian is a series of short stories inspired by various African folktales. This tale is the last of three episodes inspired by the origin story of Anansi, the hero of many West African stories.

This story is included in Tales from Derian.

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The Contrition Tree

Kajal knows she’s guilty of something. That must be why her family has suffered and lost so much during her city’s recent illness. She’s just not sure what she’s done wrong. But when a magical ship docks in her city’s port, she takes a risk to find out.

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